Monday, April 28, 2008

Burger King's "Fiery Fries"

This very simple advertisement was created by Andrew Clarke of Saatchi & Saatchi (Singapore). The quotation below (from Aitchison 1999, p. 171) describes Clarke's thought processes.

"By putting Fiery Fries near the logo, it reduces the ad to two elements. I did try Fiery Fries just below the picture, and I also tried it centralised under the picture at the bottom, and both times the logo was in the corner. So there were three elements, picture and caption and logo, and what I did was break up the pureness of the white, so I just tucked it all in the corner."

You can see the different versions that (we presume) Clarke had in mind by clicking here. The visual disconnects that Clarke describes for the alternative versions also seem to alter the Ideal-Real perception that the reader has: "Fiery Fries" moves out of the Real to the Ideal. In other words, only the version that Clarke actually used has the form:

Image/Ideal: "What is this?"

Text/Real: Fiery Fries from Burger King.

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