Monday, April 28, 2008

Names used in advertising

Needless to say, a powerful aspect of product marketing is the product name itself. Consequently, choosing a name for a product is very important, and companies which specialize in naming products find their services in high demand. A name can have up to three functions:

- to proclaim a benefit: DieHard, EasyOff, Inspiron, Achieva, Aspire

- to distinguish the company/product from the competition: Zest,, Amazon

- to offer a new vision: Pentium, Swiffer, Yahoo

Start here to read about the experience and practice of one naming company, Lexicon Branding Inc. of Sausalito, California.

To see short lists of product names, go to our product name page.

We are grateful to Prof. Will Leben of Stanford University for assistance with this Unit.

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